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I'm so exicted to read about your adventures! Hope the communal bathroom hasn't made you go over the edge :) Loving the photos!!!! <3

Barb Dean

Great post but does Nathan look SO tired in one of those pictures! What an adventure!! I'm loving your posts!


This blog is awesome. Thanks for sharing your travels. Hugs to all. Love, Gramma and Grampa

Amanda Satterley

We're enjoying reading your blog Emma and Reanne ask about you everyday. So glad everything is going great for you guys so far. Keep the pictures coming and the smiles look amazing on your family. Make sure to get in some of those pictures as well. Missing you around here but so happy you get to experience such an amazing journey.

Nana Claire

Great pics, Heather - (I expect)since we don't see much of you. Don't forget to get in front of the lens occasionally.


I hope you can sleep on the plane to Australia (Preston), Will you be back by the time it is summer? (Heath), How did the food taste?(Owen), I hope you will be back to be an SK (Hayden), Was the glass floor scary?(Mrs Burnette) Would you like to live in Tokyo?(Mrs. Parsons), well thats all for now, enjoy yourselves you seem very adventurous>

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