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What a wonderful surprise to be met by friends at the airport. Beautiful home and grounds!

Barb Dean

So glad you guys made it there safe & sound and that you are happy with your community & home!! :)

nana C

The flight must have felt it would never end. I totally get your "labour" analogy....but yes, you will forget the pain :)
The house and garden look lovely.
Drive carefully!!


HI> Sorry we haven' written for a few days but I have been away on a vacation to California, which wasn't nearly as nice as Australia by the look of all your wonderful pictures!! So we are ready with some new comments about your last few days.
Was the Zorbin fun? (Matteo), Did you see an Koala"s? (DEclan), Are the big waves scary? (Tara), Did you see a Dinosaur? (Tslan), HOw fast did you go Zorbing? (Heath), Cole, did you jump on the trampolines on the wall? (Owen), Did you see a Skink yet?(Hayden), Will you go to the dessert to see a Dingo? (Jaxon), We all think that living in Australia looks amazing and some even commented that they wanted to move there. You are very lucky Cole to be having this great experience. We really liked the pictures of the different names for food that you have there also. Mrs Burnette thinks that drving on the wrong side of the road would be scary!!

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