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Bev Bialik

Loving the blog, Heather, and the photos! Enjoy the rest of your time in Tokyo.


What an interesting city!


What an amazing experience for you family!


It's fun to read your adventures. We encountered the hole in the floor toilets in France. I believe they are an old-fashioned toilet and are present for folks from the rural areas who don't know how to use the flush ones. Have a great day!
Heather A


You guys are hilarious! I don't think I want to know what the hole in the bathroom is for. ugh. And bean curd in cookies? Whaaaatttt??? Loving the blog posts - first thing I check when I pour my coffee :)

Barb Dean

I am loving all your photos & Stories!!! I hope your adventures continue to be awesome :)

Janis Johnston

I love reading every minute of your adventures! Especially with "guest" reporters - Go Nathan!:-)

Nana Claire

I laughed hard to read that Cole thinks the locals "talk funny"....out of the mouths of babes.....!
Sounds very interesting and it looked like the weather was sunny and dry. Can't ask for more when you are walking the streets, sightseeing all day.
I think I am up to date now ;)

Lindsey Esler

Hi Summers Family! Your blog is AMAZING! I'm addicted already ;).


I stumbled on a reminder that your travel blog is here and am even more excited now to keep up with your journey! Love all the photos and seeing the fun that your family is having! Such an amazing life experience you are all sharing together!

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