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Love the photos! What a long day -- safe travels and all the best with all the kids. Love, Gramma and Grampa


Looking forward to watching the adventure unfold! - M A S K

Carrie Clark

Btw...Glenn was eager to tell me about his hug! :) thinking of you all. Carrie Clark

Martha Inchley

Wow! I couldn't even imagine packing for a year! glad you made it to LA safely. Kids look happy. I hope the TV's on the seats are for your tokyo flight! Safe travels to tokyo! Looking forward to your next post!


Safe travels! I am so looking forward to following your adventure! You are missed, but I am so happy to have the opportunity to live vicariously through you and your family!! Happy Trails all they way!
Tammy K


I'm with Tammy - living and travelling vicariously through you! If you ever come up against some technology / computer issue / just let me know. I realize you are quite the whiz at all this stuff, but nevertheless - just in case / wanna connect with a class her via Skype etc and that class needs help here - just let me know. Always glad you help you out even if you are 1000's of miles away. Really you aren't - world is pretty small these days. In a very real sense we don't have to say goodbye much anymore. LOL ..

Nana Claire

You made it sound easy! I can't imagine packing for so many for so long....well done.

I wish you have a safe flight (Preston), Have fun in Tokyo, (Madeline), I hope it's fun in Australia (Hayden), I hope you have a good day (Tara), We miss you already, (Isabella), Did you have a nice flight on the plane?(Jaxon), I hope you come back (Myles), We are really enjoying your pictures and stories, keep them coming, we will check on them every day and write back to you, Mrs. Parsons

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