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September 26, 2011

Comments laughing my ass off right now..!! do you ever get-- how long did it take to make that.. sooooo then, what are you getting paid?? 50 cents an hour??!! gotta love husbands.. : )

very cute project... worth every penny!!



These are adorable! And like the other ladies said- my husband says the same thing!!! I tell him its all about the presentation!

Karen W.

I have to agree with all the other comments. My husband says the exact same thing, except he points out that the kids don't care about the packaging, only what's in the package. Which has proven true, but the girls love it! I do it for myself and to sell at craft fairs. I can sell my little gifts for more when they're packaged pretty. Keep up the faith! We're behind you all the way!


Heather, I read your conversation to my husband who is working from home this afternoon. He smiled and said "it's not the inventory, it's the packaging"! :)


John always says "not bad" to EVERYthing I make...fabric & paper; it's the females that share Adams thoughts & therefore, I get NO support from them...only a giggle & a negative comment! I just smile, as I know it's all so worth it!

Theresa McK

HAHAHA! I think we all know exactly where you're coming from Heather! My husband questions my stuff too! I do remind him though that even if the item only cost 5 cents or a dollar it becomes so much more when you give it to someone! And noooo dollar amount will ever change that! :o)
These are soooo CUTE! I really like them and I just might make some for my card swap gals.... they would just love these! :o)

Hey Heather!
These are sooo worth the time. I feel in love with stampin' because you can take a 5 cent item and turn it into a gift! You'd never hand them a 5 cent candy with out it being cute, right?!
But Chris doesn't get it either. I told him I didn't need him to get it. I just needed him to be supportive and so now he ALWAYS says, "it's the best thing you've ever made," and that's enough to keep me happy!
Miss you my super talented

Peg Ireland

This is the best! Sounds exactly like a conversation with Bud! It is only us that understand!!! So cute!!!

Kristine Burns

Ha, ha! Glad to know mine isn't the only household that has conversations like that! Nice to know I'm not alone (and neither is Adam.)

Lindsay Keys

Tell Adam its not even how it makes others feel, its how it makes you feel. If you love it as much as I know you do then its all worth it!

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