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August 14, 2011


Lael Tallini

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but for me, the easiest/quickest way to thread the twine through the holes is with an ordinary old needle threader. Just scrunch the accordian onto a "block" (before you glue the ends to form a circle) thread the needle threader through the holes, insert the twine into the threader and pull it through the paper "block." Then affix the paper ends together to form your loop. Viola!

Thanks for sharing your awesome video, Heather!

kerri smith

thanks so much for sharing your brilliant idea! Now they won't fall apart on me! lol!
great video!

Danielle George

OMG you are brilliant! I just couldn't get it to work the "original" way. So glad I ran across a thread in Stampin Connection that mentioned your video.
Fan Forever,
Danielle G


WOW this is SOOOO much easier that what I've been doing! TFS!!!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)


Thank Q so much Sista!! Tis a great idea & generous sharing! :) wow, i can't wait to make them & sure it's gonna b a cheering greeting to someone who is in "down-mood" and needed juz that "omp" :) thank Q again.
Cheers+Hugs+Rgds .. frm Singapore!!
Lynda Y

Sue Duffy

Thanks, Heather! I did not know about the hole and string method - it makes it so much easier!


Hi Heather
What a fabulous idea ....i always have trouble with these ...Great thanks .....
Hugs sylvie

Theresa R

Love the thread idea! You rock!

Donna zammit

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Thankyou, thankyou, more flowers that POP open. I'd given up making these babies and was soooo jealous of all the ones I've seen on many blogs. Now I can make them too. Way too genius. TFS Cheers Donna Zammit :)


Hi These are gorgeous and you tutorial video is so easy to folloe Thanks again I am going to try this out now lol !!! Kitty ;)

Laura Mellinger

Hi Heather! Thanks so much for this great idea! I held a mini Convention with my downline today and we made lollies using your tip with the twine. It worked wonderfully! I'll have pictures on my blog tonite of you want to check them out. Thanks for this awesome tip!!!

Ruth Bingle

HEATHER!!! This is brilliant!! I love it!

Tiffany Day

I love you! I know that's forward, but I do. I read all the other posts & know that others feel the same way :) & even though it has been said already the thread idea is amazing - i haven't been happy with any of the other adhesives. It's also great because the twine it right there for you button. THANK YOU SOOOO much for sharing this!!!!!

Connie Collins

I have made them both ways and this is by far the best way if you want to make sure they are secure. It takes a little extra time to thread the string, but worth the effort in the end!

Claire V

I can't thank you enough for this post!! I never would have thought of the baker's twine to hold them together!! I finally got one to hold together with glue, but my other one keeps popping open:) I'm getting my crop-a-dile and baker's twine out right now! Thanks again!!


I agree with everyone else who has said thank you for the idea with the twine. When I make my rosettes I either use Tombow Multi or hot glue. This looks like a good alternative to waiting forever for the Tombow to dry or racing to get the rosette how I want it before the hot glue dries!
I recently made a Halloween wreath using these rosettes. Stop by my blog to check it out.

Jen Conrad

WOW!! I have not even thought about making these flowers because they are too complicated! But you changed my mind :) I think I will make a Christmas "pot" Thanks so much for the wonderful video!

Rachael NZ

Heather you are brilliant! I've done these flowers before and the only thing that made them stick permanently was Tombow, and then you get all sticky and it takes a while to hold it while it dries. This is MUCH easier, thank you so much for sharing this tip with everyone!

Chris Collard

WOW Heather!! I love how simple your instructions are. I am always fighting with the paper to get it tightly into a circle and evenly spaced. I can see myself doing tons of these now!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks for this wonderful video, I always am fighting making those fans... great idea with the holes and twine.. much appreciated!

Catherine Harwood

The twine idea through the holes is inspired! No more flowers that pop out of shape. Thanks Heather. And just in time for the new Simply Scored which will be perfect for these accordion fold flowers!

Mary Ann Reiner

Halleluiah! Thank you for this fantastic video!

Michelle VanWiggeren

Excellent video! Your idea with the twine is brilliant! Going to have to give that a try. I have tried to make these with just glue, but found that a little frustrating. Thanks so much!!!

Cindee Wilkinson

Thanks so much for this great way to make these flowers. Much easier than hot glue.

Marti Crapo

wonderful - thanks for the idea!!!!

Brenda Marshall

Ooh! How cool! TFS, Brenda

Colleen Olsen

What a great idea used twin to tie to together. YOur are the best


Thank You So MUCH!!! You are a LIFESAVER!!! Thanks for sharing....


monica gale

OMG!! You are a genius!! I could have done with seeing this last week, I recently worked on a similar project where I did A TON of these rosettes and tombow was strong but way to messy . Thank you for a fabby vid Hugs xxx

Lisa Kim

I love this tip--the twine! So smart. :) I've been trying to figure out an easier way than glue. Thanks.

Theresa McK

I've always used glue! I like your tip on the twine! I'm gonna have to try it! I've missed seeing your blog all week, been super busy around the house, just like you guys! :o) Love the new title on your blog too! Glad to be back! :o)


Love the tip with the baker's twine - looks much easier! Thanks.

Susan Mac

thanks for your tip with the twine; I prefer tombo for my choice of adhesive.


lOVE IT. I'm seeing Halloween and Christmas DSP with a clear glass vase with co-ordinating holiday colored glass baubles hmmmm.
Thanks Heather

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