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January 08, 2011



All around beautiful! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring! The is exactly what my heart has been after lately, projects to do just because I want to and sometimes that is super hard to accomplish. My hubands bday is tomorrow and in usualy fashion (with time constraints and always working on stuff for a class I don't yet have anything made), so I think if it's okay, I'l use this idea and make him a special note set while he's at work tomorrow. ...and then maybe some for my boys! Thanks again! Can't wait for MDS club! :) that I've wiped my tears! :)


What a fabulous project. I love your idea of having "I Love You" days and will definitely implement it in our house. I think we all get wrapped up in "life" and don't tell our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them as much as we should. Thanks for sharing Heather!

Theresa McK

OK I totally just noticed I mispelled some of my words.... OMGOSH! Sorry about that...but I think you know what I meant... :o) LOL

Theresa McK

OMGOSH HEATHER!!! I LOVVVEEEE This idea! I always think to myself... Do I tell my boys I loe them enough??? I mean we all think they know... But do they really know? I'm totally taking this idea from you! I hope that's ok! I have 3 boys and 1 will be going to College this year and I have so much to tell him before he goes and I think this will be the perfect thing.... Now I'm all teary eyed just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea with all of us I'm sure most of us never thought "HOW" to express our true love towards our kids... Thanks for insipring me ALL the time! :o)


OK, first of all, I have tears in my eyes!! WOW!! You really know how to touch someone (several of us.) Thank you so much! Your family is so lucky to have you, and I am stealing this idea. I have 2 boys but I don't care, I am going to make them cards and special things. Thanks! And the nine tags you made her, OMGosh!! She will love them now and in years to come! How neat!!!

Cam Grant

That is so sweet, I love the idea and the love behind this project.

Susie Hamm

What a great idea!!! Hope Emma loves it!!!

Lyn Thompson

I also was teary. And not because I am slightly tired after last night's mega training session. Here, and there, fabulous ideas and inspiration. Thanks to our "mom"!

Ruth Norton

What a fantastic idea!! I love this project too!

Belinda Loewen

Ok not nice... I had tears!! What an awesome idea...Love it!! Makes me want to do something similar for my teenage daughter. ( Cause life at that age can be pretty rough- and sharing something special with love makes them more confident cause its uncool to say it!!


such a sweet idea!! I would love to steal the idea for my little girl.


OMG, Heather, SOOO lovely, and such a beautiful idea! Can't wait 'til my boys are older to make something like this for them as well!
Thanks for being an inspiring Mom. :) xo


I think I teared up a bit reading this. So sweet.

Lisa M

so sweet!! such a great idea heather, love the "random i love you days" ..


I wish you were my mom!!

Jamie Adcock

What a brilliant idea! This is a great project to start off with!

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