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December 27, 2009


Peg Ireland

You are awesome! Your video was great and easy to understand!

Rachael NZ

Hi Heather,
Wow I loved your video. Even with you moving a little fast, and having to scroll back and forth a little bit to see everything. The good thing about videos is that we can watch them several times if we didn't catch it all the first time.

I really need to nag SU to bring MDS to us here in New Zealand now. You've made it look so quick and easy, I'm convinced it's the answer to my scrapbooking problems! As in, I never get any pages finished because I spend too much time trying to decide what to make, I'm hesitant to cut DSP or whatever in case I change my mind. But with this, if I don't like it, I can just delete it and start over, no cardstock wasted! Thanks so much and I look forward to the next video!


Perhaps it is becasue I have a large monitor but I could view the entire video with no problems Heather.


Congrats!! you get so excited about everything! You must bee a happy person 97% of your time---the other 3% allows you for 'time out'! Happy New Yr....


Me again.... I could watch the video just fine! No problems at all! I learned a few things too already!!!! Thanks!


Ok Heather...I love that you made this video and the fact it shows the MDS which I don't own yet...but I felt you were going a little fast for me... (I'm slow) :) and it was hard to see what you were doing..I had to keep moving the screen back and forth cause it didn't all fit on my screen and I have a 22" moniter! Anyway thanks for showing me the MDS I can't wait to see more of what you're doing so it will help me decide if this is a program I would like... Also your little guy Cole is sooo adorable!


Thanks for a great video. This is the first time I have actually seen the Design Studio software. I hope you will be making a few more videos on how this software works as this gives me a better idea on how it works and will help me in my decision on whether or not to purchase it.

Thanks again.


Welcome to the Apple World. Mac's will rock your world. Enjoy!!!

Monica Weaver

Hi Heather,

I absolutely love how easy it was to understand what you were doing. I wasn't able to go through the certification process but read that you are offering an MDS class. Is this going to be an online class or a class at your home. Iam really interested in learning this program and would love to know if you offer this as an online course.

Thanks and keep up the great work. Your baby is gorgeous and makes me want another one!


OMgosh!!! That video was awesome!!! I already learned FIVE new things to do with MDS!!! I can't wait to take your MDS class!!!! YAY!! Thank you!!!

Ruth Norton

Loved the video, I thought you did a great job. Though the entire video didn't fit on my screen, so I couldn't see what you were doing on the right hand side of the screen. But great job! Love that page too!!


Fantastic page I love the contrast with Coles colourful jumper. The video is smashing and an excellent first tutorial using the new set up. My only comment is can you go a fraction slower when moving your mouse as I had trouble following it at times! lol

Becky R.

Hi Heather,
Love the scrapbook page...Cole is a cutie! I was able to watch the video, I am starting to think that I just might need to get into digital scrapbooking! The video was great as I am a visual learner! Thank you! Becky

Patricia Hoffman

A beautiful,beautiful page and layout. Cole looks so precious. I love this page that you have done probably the best yet, it is so simple, yet speaks volumes.

I could see and hear your video, although it was toooooooo big for my computer screen. I could either watch what you were doing on the left or see the picture on the right, but not both at the same time. Excellent lesson, but could you please go a little slower, by the time I had moved over to see what you were clicking on, you had already moved on to the picture. I am sure that you will have all of this figured out in no time. What a wonderful new toy, and present to receive. Thanks Adam. Talk to you later after you have "played" around for awhile.

Trish in Wisconsin


What a beautiful page Heather.
A beautiful family and a Mac; you are one lucky girl.

Colleen Olsen

Hi Heather I can see your video byt not the whole page.


What a gorgeous baby.....cole is! You did a terrific other posters I am not able to view the video though.

Wendy Plouffe

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your layout. I think it is one of my favs!! BUT also wanted to tell you that I was not able to view the video:( so I will keep checking in as I am sure you will figure it out! I am very tempted to buy this stampin studio after what I have seen you do with it but I need more convincing though I enjoy my paper making layouts!


How talented you are to get that all up and running so fast! What a great gift! The baby is darling! What a precious memory!! Oh, and I can't get the video either, but I'm sure that you'll work that out soon. What do I want? ( I nagging?) I'd like a video on the Sept. 15, 2009 Peek-a-Book Someone New card. I'd love to make one! Have a Happy New Year!


You will love your Mac! I've had mine for about 18 months now....have fun playing!!


Congrats on the Mac!!! I got one too and I'm madly in love with it already!!! What is more precious is this shot of Cole! Precious doesn't cut it!!!


Congrats on the new Mac!! You will love everything about it! :)

I couldn't get the video to play for me either.. can't wait to see it!

Anne Granger

Wow, that is a stunning page Heather. You should print and frame that one. I love how you did it!!

How exciting a new Mac are going to have fun with it.

Oh by the way, when I click on your video to start playing it, it said it was unavailable.
Want to let you know.

Enjoy your day,

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