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November 16, 2009


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It's important to take responsibilities, because no one else is going to do it for you.


I just had a lego party for my son back in Sept. He turned 6. I didn't really do anything special but let the kids play with legos at the party. I made the invitations and his cake. The invitations are here:

and the post about his party with the cake is here:

I used 3 loaf pans and a mini muffin pan to make the cake. I had white icing that I used food coloring to color. The blue one was chocolate cake, the yellow one was yellow cake and the red one was strawberry cake.


Hi Heather, love the invites you made. My 6 year old wanted a Lego party back in August. Here's the invite I made:

Since my son is the only boy out of 8 grandchildren (ages 3 to 16), the party was a little challenging to plan. He wanted a Lego-shaped cake, so I made 3 mini Lego-shaped cakes (red, blue, & green). Like others have mentioned, we had a "guess the number of Legos in the jar contest". I used my QuicKutz Silhouette to create his name on posters using the Lego font and colors. We had mini sets that we timed the teams to see who could build faster. My nieces all loved the party and wished they had Legos. The colors for the plates and decorations were easy. I bought balloons in Lego colors. My husband and son created the pinata using a box and a Pringles chip container sliced into smaller cylinders and covered in red paper.


Fun invite, Heather! We're a Lego obsessed family of 6 and have bins and bins collected, the kids still want more... I'd suggest a Lego build off "contest", ie. with a theme (a house, a car etc). You could time it, give prizes etc. Have fun.

Tara Mooney the new banner!

Kristie Maynard

I've never done this, but if he likes ice cream cake you could make one. Just let the ice cream get soft then put it into a loaf pan. Take some more and put it into cupcake tins lined with plastic wrap (I'd suggest spraying with Pam or something like that, but I'm not sure that would work, but you could try) when it is all frozen, pop the "cupcake" icecream pieces out of the tins and put them on top of the loaf (after it is popped out too) The little cupcake pieces would make great "lego bumps" You could use some softened ice cream to stick them on.
Good luck and be sure to tell us all about what you ended up doing.
Have fun!

Lorri Vallese

great idea for the invites. This is why I wish my grown children were little again, well sometimes. ha ha ha You got some great ideas for the party. Hope you get some help with just having that little guy and all.


Patricia Hoffman

I have a Grandson, now 17, who loved Lego's. We had a big tub full, every time he came over he would dump the tub and Lego's would cover my entire living room floor. That boy was hooked on Lego's. We bought him Lego's for years and years. Never thought to have a Lego Party, how inventive, but then, that's you! Have a wonderful day!

Trish in Wisconsin


Love the I want to have a lego party! My son is 3 turning four in a few moths and just starting to get into!!


My son loves legos too :) He just won for our town's halloween costume contest. Cheapest costume yet :)

You will have a fab party and I can't wait to see pics.

Sharri Coates

Heather, My youngest(he's now 26) was a Lego fanatic too. He was still asking for more Lego at 16. Needless to say we have lots of the stuff in storrage but it never goes out of "style". My 5yr old grand daughter has just asked for "big kid Lego" instead of the huge "baby Lego" she currently has. Needless to say the Lego will soon be coming out of storage again.
:-) I love your invite, so simple but effective. Thanks for sharing.


Hey - how about an ice cream cake from DQ? Then frost the Ding Dongs the same colour.
Love the Lego party idea - am I too old for that???

Marilyn Goodrich

LOVE IT! And my Lego-lovin' 10 year old would be impressed too! ;-)

Tonja Romero

Hi, Heather!

Just want to say LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your work == it's very inspiring!

I had a LEGO party for my son when he turned 6 a year and a half ago - 'best party ever'! Couple of ideas we used: jar filled with legos, had them guess the number in the jar - gave out a prize, bought the little $5 Lego cars for each boy and they put them together during the party, then we had races (down a cardboard ramp onto the floor) and gave prizes to the winners, they worked in groups to build the tallest Lego tower - gave out prizes to winners, they also had 'free' time to build whatever they wanted with my son's Lego stash. Prizes were from the discount bin at our local Lego outlet (bags of Lego pieces) and the cake was a regular rectangle cake and I put Legos around the base and decorated the top with Legos, also. Hope this helps with ideas! Have fun!


What fun! Happy Birthday Mark!

Kris B.

We had a Lego party (over 10 years ago). The cake was a giant Lego piece (two rectangle cake pieces and then I used "Ding Dongs" for the "nubs" on top. Everything was frosted blue. We made a Lego pinata out of a box ... paper mache and crepe paper. Since both of our boys were into Legos, we had a huge bin of Legos that we just put out and the kids had a ball creating whatever they liked. My father in-law made a bean bag toss (with a lego painted on it). I made colorful bean bags to represent lego colors. Each boy took one home with a small lego. Hope that helps.

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