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November 06, 2009



um, i think so, i love wearin colorful stuff, b/c it shows personality, itz so kewl, i dont blame ur daughter for luvin the style!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it is definitely back in. My 16 year and 11 year go with me to thrift stores so they can out "vintage" their friends. LOL

And when they are into the 80's Punk/Goth type attire...I make it. Just like I did back then.

My 16 year old even made me buy Aqua Net and teach her the Mall Bang!



I keep looking on here to see if there is news about the baby! :)


Wonderin about you and the baby!!
What styles will she be wearing when she's Emma's age??


I teach high school and I just shake my head every time the kids come in the room, I think to myself "those were ugly in the 80's and they are still ugly now", LOL! It is so back in style. I love this page!

Patricia Hoffman

What about you and the baby? That's one thing that I always had a hard time with as a parent was the "fads". My kids were pretty much "preppies" all through school. She sure does look good though, and how I remember those years, and yes they are BACK! as Arnie would say! Stay well, I wish I were as proficient at MDS as you are. Have a wondeful day.

Trish in Wisconsin

heather  b

ok... great scrapbook page, but what I really want to know about is the BABY!!
Update, please!!!

Erin Morley

jelly bracelets and jelly shoes, tapered acid washed jeans, star earrings, lace gloves, mini skirts, bright colours. Yep, it's all back!


Before you got to the part where you said you went to Claire's, I thought to myself "she should go to Claire's!" LOL

My daughter wanted leg warmers for a cheerleader's costume - Claire's had 'em!

Amy Kendall

Oh Heather, it's back!!! I have a 14 almost 15 year old, and if she could have everything in hot pink she would be so happy. It's one trend that I thought would never come back. Hope everything went well yesterday with the arrival of baby Summer's. Hope you guys post a update soon, I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl.

Best Wishes,
Amy Kendall


WoW what a great scrapbook page - you are really good at it! I just don't seem to have it together like you!! It looks so real!

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