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October 21, 2009



Hi Heather- Still waiting on the class details! I signed up & paid Oct 21st!

Dina Lanzendorf

Hi Heather! I have not received any info yet on Emma's class starting. I have registered and paid!
I'm anxiously awaiting news about that baby!!!


Emma you did an awesome job!!! I love the seahorse and have signed up for your class. I can't wait!!!!

Dina Lanzendorf

How fun is this Emma! How exciting for you! Can you tell me though if these will be different ideas than the ones that your mom has offered in her classes? Thanks! I'm looking forward to this!


Congratulations Emma! This video is so professional and you should be very proud! Looks like you are just as gifted as your fabulous Mom. You two must have a blast together!


Fabulous job Emma!! So glad to see you're over your camera fright. My daughter is very excited about your upcoming punch class. She was utterly amazed that a 9-year-old came up with this project all on her own (she's 12)!! Keep up the great work.


Emma I was so wowed by this seahorse the first time I saw it! I love your ideas!

Ellie Augustin

OH MY GOSH!! Emma you are sooooooooooo AWESOME!!! I love how she knows all the SU colors and punches! TO AMAZING..:) My boys are gonna take your class cause they love to "work" with me.. and they are so hyped that their is a class just for them! :)

Angela McKay

I love it Heather! I've been checking daily for baby news:) It was so lovely to meet you at FC and I'm looking forward to seeing you again on the cruise.

LeeLa Smith're awesome!!! Congrats!


Wow Emma and Heather,
This is awesome - great work!!

Anne Pavlosky

Emma, Congratulation on your first video. You did an amazing job. Love the seahorse. Job well done. Can't wait to see more.


She is absolutely DELIGHTFUL!! Enjoy your time with her. My wonderful daughter is my best "playing with paper" buddy...but alas, a social life has taken a heavy toll on our time together!! I know in my heart it's the way things are supposed to be, but it's still hard. I miss her!


This is wonderful, Emma! Great job! You are a natural!

Rachael NZ

Way to go Emma! You did such a great job. We're signing up for your class for sure! I have a daughter named Emma too, she's 5 - she is going to love this!

Heather, you'd better watch out... you've got some stiff competition here - he he!

Sharon Rivera

Emma, you are fantastic! I teach paper craft classes to kids after school and I can't wait to share your video with them tomorrow! I know they will love it and you will be such an inspiration to them.


2-4-6-8 Who do we ap-prec-i-ate?

Em-Ma, Em-Ma

Gooooooo EMMA!

Wow, you are on your way to a career in crafting. Congratulations!



WOW Emma You were amazing.
You spoke clearly, knowlegable of the products, amd easy to follow instructions...good job Emma.
Now if only I could be like you.


Wow, Emma, you did a great job!!! I love the sea horse -- two of my favourite colours. The video is very well done. You demonstrated clearly and thoroughly how to make the project. I can't wait to see your other creations. Love, Gramma Blue Beetle


You are fabulous! I love the seahorse!
Can't wait for your class.


Emma you did so well, far better than I could ever do!! Great going! Your video was excellent and your project looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward to the start of your new venture!!

Marjorie Gibson

Emma, this is so cute. How clever are you? I signed up for your class and am looking forward to November 5.


Emma... You remember the names better than me!! Way to go!

Diana K

Sooooo cute Emma! I see a future demonstrator in the making. Can't wait for the class. Gonna sign up now. My 3-year old girl loved the seahorse also.


hi Emma I love your sea horse and will sign up as soon as I get a new computer ...mine is sick....Doreen

Karen Monger

OMG This is such a cute and sweet idea. I love it I just signed up. I can't wait. Way to go Emma!!!!

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