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September 16, 2009



i haven't yet tried the digi scrapbooking {am also a old fashion girl} but am planning on getting the MDS so i would love to see your pages!! i am a lurker to your blog but thought i'd chime in on this one:)
you really are very inspiring to me! {and to many others} thank you for sharing your awesome talent!


I like the hands on scrapping more than the digital, but I'll still check out your blog on a daily basis to see what you post. Digital scrapping won't keep me away. I love all of your ideas, cards, and goodies you create. Keep up the great work!

LeeLa Smith

I love ANYTHING you do! I will have to say I was on the fence about getting it but after seeing how many cute things you've made, mine is being delivered this afternoon!

Cindy Wiedemer

I personaly prefer hands on scrapbook and crafting projects, something about doing it digital just seems to make it less of the point, lol but thats just me


I I'd love to keep seeing your pages.


Hi Heather, I would love to see your creations of any type. Your digi layouts could still be turned into traditional so keep on creating. My question is, from what I am reading on your comment page, is it true that you create and then SU sends you the page? How does this work? Also what size is the pages?


I myself do not do digital yet but I love everything you do. If its in digital I can always do it the old way. Do what makes you happy.



I'm loving the MDS stuff. I LOVE everything you create. I'm all for a mix of it all.


I prefer cards but seeing some layouts works for me. Maybe some cards made from the digital program perhaps.

Sue Laraway

i think some digi pages would be great. maybe a few times a week?


I love the cards and all the creative things that you do with the new products. You have such wonderful ideas. I wouln't mind seeing a little of the digital, but would perfer to see mostly your creative hands on. You inspire us all.

Darlean Fitzgerald

I love your cards and projects best...and honestly I don't know if MDS will be affordable for customers (or demonstrators). I do think it would be good to see your MDS creations 1-2 times per week so that others can decide if it is a good thing to buy. There are many unanswered questions still with MDS.


Post, Post, Post!!! I am getting ready to have my 3rd boy, yes 3rd! :) and am still trying to get caught up with the 1st child. I need this b/c they say it is sooo much easier and faster than by paper! I am ready to learn and you are just the person.
Will be receiving mine hopefully next week.

Pamela Duggan

I love the digital stuff, I cannot wait to get mine, it's on it's way!! You're amazing! You always come out with such great and different ideas.


I love the digital stuff, would love to see and learn more!


I don't really have a comment on digital scrapbooking - I just wanted to say how much I love your layout! Actually I wouldn't have known it was digital if you hadn't said so - it looks so dimensional. I have too much invested in 'traditional' scrapbooking so I don't see switching over any time soon, but I still enjoy your creations!

Lesley Pergau

Love your creativity heather whether it is with MDS or not. I too love the hands on but who knows!!


I personally love it. I know you are not ditching traditional scrapbooking but using it more for a tool to plan and design which is excellent.


I really like seeing your scrapbook pages whether they are done with paper or digital. I'm also wondering how much it would cost to print them and if SU is the only place you can print them.

Regina Cornelius

hmmm....i don't mind seeing some digital, but please don't give us only just doesn't compare to the "real" thing. imo. for what that is worth. lol.

Lorri Vallese

Heather, I check your blog daily. I feel like the Aunt living far away, lol. I love looking at your pictures. I am resisting the digital scrapbooking myself because I am standing firm I need to create, cut, piece and glue my own scrapbooks. They must be BUMPY!!! HA HA HA Now since I have not scrapbooked in over a year I may need a slap to get started again. Keep on posting.

Lorri Vallese
Nanaimo, BC

Leslie Mott

I love to see everything you make! One question - I love the little buttons - they look so real! What other virtual embellishments are available in the digital program?


I would prefer you only show maybe once a week. There are alot of unanswered questions regarding the use of MDS... like can you use your own printer and if so what kind, what types of could get very very costly if you have to send your pages to get professionally printed.


I would love to be able to use the digital scrapping.


I love the layouts, and even it I don't have the digital studio they are still easy to case...hope you don't mind! ;o)

Peg Smith

Whatever you do is just what I want to see. Could you explain how much it costs to print these wonderful, quick, pages? Does SU send them to you? Do you have to buy a book to put them in?
I'm watching.

Holly Snow

i'd like to see a card designed in MDS... Scrapbook pages are a given with the software but how about a card? Thanks Heather!! Your ideas are great!!!

Linda Anderson

This is so cool!Everything does match perfectly! Last night we were at a 60th birthday. A recent bride was at the party as well and brought her pictures for all t see. All her pictures were done using the digital method proffessionally. The images were beautiful as well as the layouts and they were al bound so neatly into a book !!


I'd love to see digital as well as traditional scrapping. I'm order my copy of MDS this weekend and can't wait to do some hybrid scrapbooking!

Janice Miller

I still prefer the old fashion way of scrapping but...I will continue to check in on you each and every day to see your creations.


I love to see your AWESOME layouts ~ whether or not they are designed with your digital studio. I am still inspired ~ even if I continue to scrapbook the old fashioned way. :)


I to see more. This may make my decision to put it on my Christmas list.


I do like the digital creations! Post them as much as you want! Even though I do not have the digital studio yet I can still re-create (CASE)many of the designs. Post away!!

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