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July 09, 2009



Emma, you're very talented!! It's very nice.

Lisa D. Atha

OMG! This is so cute. I am a Seahorse nut! Love them, and this card!

Lisa Atha


Hi Heather,

Emma's seahorse is just wonderful!

My dd is 9 years old too & it's amazing what they can create. Isn't it just the best thing to have a hobby you can enjoy together?

We look forward to seeing more of Emma's creations in the future.


Kerry Hansard

This is a great seahorse, Emma. Well done. Looks like you have your mother's talent for punches and papercraft. Keep at it. (Such a teacher thing to say!)



Patricia Giesbrecht

Emma, you should have your Mom send this idea to Stampin'
Up!! Maybe they will do a feature in Stampin' Success magazine on
kid's creations. Great job!


Way to go Emma!!! that's pretty incredible!!! Really creative!

Anne Pavlosky

Wow, Emma I'm so glad that your Mom didn't do the seahorse also. You did an amazing job. I'm going to use this in a class with my ladies. I hope you don't mind? I will let them all know that you are a very talented young girl. And that your card is DOPE. You rock Miss Emma.


Oh wow. Way to go Emma - it's adorable!


I guess she takes after MOM, great job....

Leslie Jones

So, I am addicted to your site and all your creations, so I have to get my fix daily. My own 9 y/o daughter loves looking at the punch creations too. Well, when I saw the seahorse, I called for her without even reading the blog. Needless to say, I have to give over my craft room to her (I am a control freak--squared) so she can create some things. I will become a demo soon, and she said she can't wait to help with my classes too. With the fantastic job your daugher did, I feel ashamed that I have not allowed my daughter full access before! Thank you (and Emma too)for all the great ideas, and please keep them coming!

Carol Doyle

She did a fantastic job! Yah know, now I don't feel so bad. I am not the only control freak with my stampin stuff LOL! Heather you are brave! I have five that are always asking me, and I can alway come up with a not now LOL! You go girl, and I have to agree....looks like the competition is gonna get a little steep around your house.


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Think of all the things she will come up with in the furture.


WOW! Great job, Emma. The colors are beautiful and it looks just like a sea horse. Heather, all you need to do now is teach Emma how to create a pdf and you've got yourself an assistant for your online classes!


AWESOME, Emma!! Great job -- you're very creative!! Don't you just love the razzleberry! I'm going to put it on the first page in my punch book. Love, Gramma Blue Beetle


I think you a have future demo on your hands. Good job Emma. My girls and my son love coming into my craft space as well. IT's amazing at what their minds come up with.

Account Deleted

What a talented young lady! Taking right after Mom...a new downline for you!!

Hope you are feeling well!


omigosh.. she did such a great job. did she get all giddy afterwards..LOL

that is so neat how creative she is..!!

very cute emma.. : )

Belinda Loewen

WOW- that's a great lookin' sea horse Emma!!!
Watch out Heather pretty soon the whole family will be in there- even Adam!!!!


Great job Emma!!!


Great Job Emma. Thanks for letting mom share your work. I love seeing what you come up with and I must say I really like everything you make.

Ruth N

Way to go Emma!!! It's great!!

Lisa Depencier

Super CUte!! She is talented like you are!

Anne Granger

Way to go Emma!! Great job on the seahorse and I love the colours that you used.

Have fun in your mom's craftroom!!!Watch out have a demonstrator in training....or she might just take over your business!!!LOLOL


Looks like she's got your "craft" gene Heather! Great work Emma!

Tonya B

Emma, What a cute sea horse. I love all the details, you did a great job. Hope mom lets you create some more things for us to see. Heather, she did an amazing job, I think she has been watching you closely when you create. Thank you for sharing!

Amy Kendall

Wow, great job Emma!!! I see a future demonstrator in your future Heather.


Great work Emma!
I am going to copy your punch pal and insert the idea in my pinch binder.
Keep the ideas coming Emma.
You know Emma, now that you have been in Mom's craft room by yourself (and did a great job) I am sure Mom will trust you to go in there again.


this is super Emma are an artist! DD


Way to go Emma! That is great!


Wow Emma, you are just as talented as mom. I copied your creation and putting it in with all the ones that your mom showed us, it too deserves a place of honor in my book. Great job!!! What else have you asked mom to create and she hasn't? Guess you will have to ask if you can get back in the craft room again and make another one to share with us. Heather, I know you are proud of her.


That's awesome! Emma's going to be a stamping star just like her mom :D

Monika Thiessen

Wow Heather you have some competition coming..
She did an awesome job! I wish I was that creative..

Rebecca Coyle

Wow - great job, Emma! This is stunning!!!! She's a natural!!!!

Cindy Piggott

This is amazing and it is obvious that she has her mother's talent. I think you are okay to leave her in your stamp room again! Hope all is good. hugs!

Darlean Fitzgerald

Great job the colors you used.

Jennifer Picard

Wow Heather this is awesome! She did an amazing job! And I know what you mean about being a control freak- my 9 1/2 year old daughter is never far from my sight we she has my stamping supplies in hand. Guess I need to let it go- who knows what she might come up with!


Very, very cute!!!


Better watch out Heather - you have some strong competition!!
Nice job Emma!

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