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June 17, 2008



I would really appreciate dimensions. I love your great ideas and examples!


I know it adds to your time but if you have the dimensions handy it is a nice plus to have them. I find I waste a lot of time (and paper) making mistakes when CASEing projects.


Dimensions would be great. Thank you so much for considering it, great idea!!


I enjoy all the projects you do and I have subscribed to your blog. Being quite new to all this, I would love to have your dimensions as this can help me. I understand that doing this will increase your time in fromt of the PC..... But if you do, bless you!


I would really like to see you add the dimensions with your recipes. I know it is more work for you, but it is so helpful to the less experienced stamper.

Ann McGregor

I'm all for measurements too. I know it's a lot of work, but they really help!
Ann M


I'd love that...even if you posted less often...thanks for considering it!! :)

Linda E

I would at least like to know the dimensions of the card or project. Sometimes it's hard to tell from the picture.

Tamara Bertram

I would love to see dimension to your projects - I do recreate many of your beautiful works and it would make it easier for me - thanks :) Tamara


I think because I am new at this I would appreciate the dimensions. However you know I would e-mail you if I couldn't figure something out!! Shannon


I would love the dimensions! I love your projects and inspiration that you give us all. Keep the creative juices flowing and thank you for all of your time and dedication to the readers of your blog.


I love your work! Whenever I am CASEING a card, I am thrilled when there are dimensions. But I know that's a lot of work. If you would do it once in a while, that would be great!


I agree - no need to add dimensions. Most of us should be able to figure it out. If we can't we'll email/ask you! :) Keep up the great work!


I agree with Sonia. Your photos are clear and its not hard to figure out the measurements. Don't make any more work for yourself. You share enough already.


don't you do enough already!!!!!
a card is pretty standard in size, so it's not to tough to figure it out!!
sit back and have a coffee (or even better chocolate) instead!

heather  b

YES PLEASE!!!!! Oh, I'd even settle for every other day posts if they included measurements!!!!

Belinda Loewen

That would be nice- but either way it doesn't matter to me. Your time....
I appreciate all you do already.

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