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March 23, 2008


Desirée Spenst

Frighteningly, I have not started any scrapbooking yet! I have only done scrapbooking for classes/workshops, and I already have 7 months of photos of my darling boy stacking up, waiting to be scrapped!

In the age of digital photography, I think I will print the photos I am going to scrapbook, and just keep everything backed up on disc for reprinting purposes. Otherwise, I'll end up with boxes of photos sitting around!


Unless I'm scrapbooking it or putting it in a frame, it does not get printed. We back up all our digital files on our server and I also burn them all to DVDs. The only photos we have that are printed out are my husband's Europe pics as he did not have a digital camera when he was there 10 yrs ago, all of them were taken with a film camera.

So, yeah, once they are scrapbooked that is our 'album'. :-)

Alexandra Hobson

Great page girl!! I have been trying to do a lot more lately too! Yep, I have TONS of pics, some of events I have already scrapbooked but I don't want to get rid of them....I just can't! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


Hi Heather love your LO!
With my photos I am almost purely digital so what i do is keep a few different folders - those i've printed for photo albums (or decided not to put in albums) and those I haven't, so when i order prints from the photo shop, I just cut & paste the photos into the printed folder.
I have a good printer so when i scrapbook a page i go through my photos and print the photos that fit that theme.
For my photos i've got on film I've been getting the local photo shop to put the negatives over to cd for me so I know that any of the prints i have on hand can be cropped or scrapped as i please and i know i'm not using a unique pic


Good for you Heather in getting your memories documented. I need to follow your ambition too.
Before I switched to digital, I always got double prints but I would immediately deperate one set and put them in a photosafe box which is good for school projects or for family members wanting them. Then I store the other set in the envelope which I have dated and marked the event with a "Sharpie" marker and file them chronicalogical order ready for me to scrapbook.
I tend to scrapbook by date and do so in chronological order. I have been away from it for so long that I just can't seem to motivate myself to get it out.

Anne Granger

Hi Heather,
I hope you are having a great Easter. I was like you in a mountain of pictures, oh wait, I'm still in a mountain of pictures. I have found lately that I only print off the ones that I want for layouts, if I don't end up using them they go into a photo box. I just make sure that I back everything up on the computer.
Looking forward to tomorrow night!!


I used to be swa,ped in photos as well- but I am getting better. I upload all my pictures to an online site as well as back them up on a DVD. But I don't print hem all. It's just too much! So I print the ones that I really like and the ones of special events that I want to remember. I can always print other later if I decide to. Then I sort through the pictures and decide which ones I want to scrap. The rest go into photo albums. I used to get doubles of everything- one for the photo album and one to scrap. But that gets expensive and I only have so much space to store photos!!! The ones that I am going to scrap- I keep in a photo box in my office- sorted into themes (i.e. one for each of my chilren, one for family, one for holidays, etc.)
I hope the helps.
I love to look at your scrapbook pages as they are always simple enough to keep the focus on the photos!


Hi Heather!Cute Layout! I use to keep doubles of every picture,but I also got lost in a mountain of Pictures so now I just keep the photo index card and the left over pics from the event in photo boxes after I have scrapbooked them. Just incase I ever want to print photos for grandparents or anything! Ihope you enjoyed your easter!!

Dottie K.

Love this page and enjoy your blog very much. I scrapbook my niece and nephew. I finally have a system that works and my sister-in-law is great at it. She gets doubles of all prints. Puts them in an album every month with the double behind the print. She buys the albums that you can make notes to the side of the photos and documents anything important that I may need to add. I use whatever I want and if I am going to use both photos I also make a copy so there is one left in the book. You never know when you may need them. My friend did a video show for her daughter and son for graduation. The beginning of her scrapbooking she used all her photos - well when it came time to do this video she didn't have many photos that she could use from their 1st years. So I decided I should leave her a set just in case you need them later for any type of event (graduation, wedding, sweet 16 - anniversary - whatever). I get an album of about 6 months of photos then return the album of all the photos I have left. Then she'll pull some of the doubles that are left and send them to our Aunt in Florida or give them to her mother-in-law. This way she still shares her photos and I get 1st dibs for their albums. She was just giving me prints and it was taking to long to figure out. All nice and neat and I go to town scrapping whatever I choose. Also she everything nice and neat in albums and not in boxes or envelopes laying around. It really works well for both of us. Hope this helps some. Happy Easter! :)

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