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March 24, 2008


Desirée Spenst

This card is BEAUTIFUL - I am always amazed when someone is able to capture a photo like this! I'm sure the recipient is going to love it too, and what a great use of photos that would otherwise just sit around!

Joan Jeffery

This is a wonderful idea and I really like how the colours all blend so well with this card. Joan

Robyn :)

Thank you for posting that!!!!! I have a picture I want to send to my mother in law of her and my husband and wanted to make some kind of frame for it, but after seeing your beautiful card i think i may try one of my own :)


Gorgeous shot.


I too am loving these photo cards. This is just a beautiful picture of Emma, and I can't believe how much of you I see in her. I always thought she looked just like Adam, but her spirit is all mom and it really shines through here! Simply BEAUTIFUL, and the cards nice too!!!!

Tabitha Jones

gorgeous photo!


What a sweet card. It looks like your little Emma is making a wish of her very own. To answer your question from yesterday, when I scrapbook pictures that's it. I don't even bother to use color copies, I use the original photo and I'm content that the memory has been captured. Hubby on the other hand does keep all his downloads of photos on the computer. TFS! Sheila


Heather, this is a great card and an AWESOME picture of Emma. I am really liking your photo cards. I may have to try one!


Who would not love to get that card; it is beautiful. Then again I would love any card you made (even the ones that fall onto the stamp pad LOL)
Seriously the photographjy is great, Emmas is beautiful and the layout is simple and yet captivating

Alexandra Hobson

Very cute Heather! Are you packed yet??? *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Dawn Easton

Heather! This card is beautiful! WHAT a picture you were able to snap!!! Amazing!


That is a fantastic card!!!Beautiful picture of Emma! Carrie


BEAUTIFUL card Heather!! What a great idea :) As for the "old pictures" question you posted a day or so back. . .I do keep files of all "old" pictures but don't make re-prints. You're right -- the scrapbooks are now the recorded memories, right? If your children want copies one day you can just copy your pages, huh? I do like to keep the files of old pictures b/c YOU usually give great ideas for them -- ideas like this card and the playing cards you made awhile back. Thanks for all the great stuff!

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