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December 24, 2007


Kristy H

I honestly don't know how you have time for all of this!

All the gifts I gave from Ella were my favourites! I made tile photo coasters for Ella's Aunts, Uncles, and Grandpas and for her Grandma's I made days-to-remember desk calendars with their favourite pictures of Ella. It was so nice to see how excited and happy they were to receive their gifts this year. I also made nugget tins for everyone at dinner which were also a hit, and so easy and fun to make! I absolutely love making homemade I"m just trying to decide what I will make next!


Your frames are so nicely done, wow! I was happy to get some cards done that took me alot of steps and weeks, along with some beaded pens to friends, and a nice throw for my older parents. Thanks for the sweet candy offer!


Thanks for the chance to win!!! Your 25 days of Advent was wonderful inspiration for me. The gift I was most excited to give was a "grandparents tree" -- a small table-top tree with framed ornaments that I put together of each of my mom & stepdad's 9 grandchildren. Yes, Heather, you "helped" with this one via your blog :)

Monika Thiessen

My favourite gifts that I gave away are the ornaments. I stamped on acetate and then coloured the picture and put it into a glass ornament! Oh and I love my photo coaster tiles that i made for my parents of my girls.


i think my favorite presents that I gave were a scrapbook of old baby pictures to my mom and a cute frame with 12 pictures that were taken of my dh working throughout the year. The frames there are seriously cute. I'd Love a chance tow in one.


The present that I was most excited to give was a picture book that I made for my husband called "Just Daddy and Me". This was our first Christmas as parents and my husband is always saying that he wished he had more time to spend with his daughter and that she know me beter than him. So, I thought I would make him this book for him to read to her about the two of them. He LOVED it and so does my daughter. He reads it to her now before she goes to bed. A great bonding experience for the both of them. Hope you had a good holiday!


The gift I was most excited about giving this year was a gingerbread theme gift to my niece and nephew. Lee Valley sells a great gingerbread mold and I added a beautiful gingerbread house cookie jar filled with gingersnaps and tucked in 'The Gingerbread Baby' board book by Jan Brett. Of course the tag was stamped with SU's retired gingerbread house complete with lots of Stickles!


Heather, the best gift I'm giving this year is a family photo including our new little boy, the first grandchild on both sides! :) Thanks for taking so much time to have such a great blog - I check nearly every day to see what you will post!


Hi Heather
The best gift that I gave this year was to Rob. It was a Green Bay Packers Brett Farve Jersey. He has wanted one as long as we have been together. I ordered it from and had it shipped to my Aunt in the states to save almost a $100. Her dogs ate the box as the UPS driver left the box on the porch. The jersey was safe though and she brought it to Canada on her last trip. I got it all wrapped up and put under the tree. Rob was super excited when he opened it. He wore it all day! I was happy to get him something that he always wanted.


What a nice thing to do for blog candy! The favorite thing I gave this year were the toys for my son, because this was the first year he really got into Christmas and had sooo much fun with it!! It was wonderful!


This year I really felt the Christmas spirit when my husband and I decided to give our dishes, a huge bag of towels and Christmas decorations to a co-worker's Mom who had lost everything in a fire two weeks before Christmas. It was rewarding and touching knowing that we could help someone that really needed it. All the best for 2008!


Hi Heather,

I have to say since being introduced to you I have found myself visiting your blog daily! I can't wait to get home at the end of my day to see what magical creations you have come up with.
I would have to say my most meaningful gift I gave this Christmas would have to be tickets to see Dirty Dancing with my "little sister". I have been a long time member of the Big Sister organization and my little sister and I have been together for 11yrs. She has brought unconditional love and laughter to my life and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day with her than to send her to her favourite movie-Dirty Dancing.
Keep up the great work Heather -I look forward to stamping with you in the New Year!
Shannon :o)


My favorite gift I gave were calendars I made for all the "grandmas" and I got my SIL a purse that was just perfect for her.

Melissa Perry

First off, I want to say I love your blog. I'm always excited to logon and see what you have made next. Keep up the awesome work.

I can't think of the best gift that I gave this year but I will tell you about the gift that turned out the be the best. My 5 yr. old daughter asked months back for a locket necklace that she could open and put a picture in. Well, as the months past, her focus was of the 3 things she wanted Santa to bring. (necklace was not included) I thought she had forgot about it. Anyway, my daughter does not take that good care of her play jewelery, much less anything that cost any amount of money. So, I did not want to spend to much on the necklace but did not want it to look cheep either. I did find a cute locket in the Lillian Vernon cata. and had her inital put on the front.(it only cost about $12) When she opened it up, she was so surprised and shocked she was speechless. She immeditly ran over to me and gave me a big hug and said "Thank you I love it". This made me so happy because she is still working on the concept of being thankful for things she received and my not have liked. Sorry for being so long. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Julie D

Hey Heather,
Happy Holidays to you and your family. I really can't decide on my favorite gift that I gave so I'll say two: The fav purchased gift was a FurReal Piglet for my niece; it oinks and wiggles its tail - too cute! My fav homemade gift is the folder of various cards I made for my mom, sister and mother-in-law. You had them on your blog and they are like personalized stationnary. I know they will be used and appreciated more than once throughout the year and shared with others!


You have and awesome blog and I am always checkin it out for ideas. We love giving infused oils in gift baskets at the holidays. My husband is a chef we makes a wonderful basil oil that is a very pretty "Christmasy" green!


Merry Christmas Heather, what a great photo.

My son this year for his 7 birthday (Dec 27) asked his friends, instead of gifts at his party to bring a food bank donation. I am soooooo proud of him. So that is my gift..... Having a really great boy.

Looking forward to another year stamping with you.


I love your blog. You have the best ideas and creations on here, and I visit daily.

My favorite Christmas gift to give out is a basket of home baked goodies to our neighbors each year. I spent two days in the kitchen baking cookies, breads, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy.


I love your blog. You have the best ideas and creations on here, and I visit daily.

My favorite Christmas gift to give out is a basket of home baked goodies to our neighbors each year. I spent two days in the kitchen baking cookies, breads, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy.

Shannon Carlon

Hi Heather!
First I would just like to say thank you for all of your inspiration through out the year! I so enjoy crusin' your blog and looking at all the wonderful things that you create!!

My most favorite gift I gave this year for Christmas was to my 6 year old son Jake. He loves to garden and grow pumpkins. Well this year he grew a 150lb one! So, for Christams I made him his own mini photo album with all of the photos that we took through out the summer of his garden. He loved it!! He told me later in the day that the album was the best gift he got!! How rewarding for me and him!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Shannon Carlon

Amanda A.

I had several favorites this year but I'll choose the gift I gave to my four best customers. They each received a free catalog, doggy treats (for "the kids") and an altered tea tin filled with Hershey's sticks.

Merry Christmas! Thanks for such wonderful blog candy!!

Brenda B.

What a beautiful family photo. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me. I loved the stamp advent! It gave me some great ideas. The gifts that I was most excited to give were to my kid's teachers. I made one a small scrapbook, and the other one I used a CD case and decorated it with SU paper, etc. Inside was a mini album that I coluzzled and put together with ribbon. thank you for everything.

Brenda B.

What a beautiful family photo. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me. I loved the stamp advent! It gave me some great ideas. The gifts that I was most excited to give were to my kid's teachers. I made one a small scrapbook, and the other one I used a CD case and decorated it with SU paper, etc. Inside was a mini album that I coluzzled and put together with ribbon. thank you for everything.


One of my favorite gifts I gave this year was a set of handmade cards. My sister-in-law actually asked me to give her this gift so it was a very nice ego booster. I had so much fun making the cards for her too. Stamping is such a great stress reliever for me! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful creations on your website. It is great inspiration!


oooo, oooo, oooo, I especially want to thank you for the turtle squares recipe. So YUMMY!!!! My favorite gift I've given this Christmas is my son's guitar. However, I'm more excited to get him lessons! Hah! Have a great Christmas holiday.

Anne Granger

Merry Christmas Heather and family.

Thank you for 25 days of gift giving idea's. It was fun checking everyday to see what unique gift you had made to give others.

The best gift that I'm giving is to my parents. Every year since Emily was 6 months I always gave then a photo calendar of the girls. This year I decide to scrapbook one for them. I can't wait for them to see the calendar and all the memories of past year of the girls.
The best gift all of is spending time with love ones and watching the joy of Christmas thru the eyes of a child.



WOW I would love to be the lucky stamper to receive one of your homemade frames. I just love them. This year I would have to say my favorite gift are the altoid tins I altered for my daughters to put their gift card in. Thanks for a chance.
Merry Christmas

Linda SS

My 5 yr. old granddaughter spent the weekend with me and was helping me wrap gifts I had purchased for her cousins. (my 2 other grandchildren) She saw that I got Leapsters, tricycles and a few other costly items. But when she came to an inexpensive but personalized book with my grandsons name in it, his favorite football team, his baby sister's name etc., she said, "Grandma, you always buy the best presents!". It reminded me that the presents that come from the heart really are much more thoughtful and appreciated than the ones with a high price tag.


What a beautiful family picture! Merry Christmas! My favourite gift I am giving is a surprise gift to my in laws. I got all of our family, nephews etc together for a big family photo. We are giving this picture to my in laws. They will be so surprised!

Cindy Wiedemer

Heather, what a beautiful picture of you and your family. You have your Mom's smile! I think my favorite gift that I am giving this year, is the ones I helped the daycare kids make for their parents. They work so hard and the determination and joy in their eyes is worth every frustrating moment that might pop up in doing any sort of "difficult" project with young children. I read your blog often and its always full of such fun ideas. I wanna be just like you when I grow up!! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS

Courtney C.

First and for most, thank you Heather for all your advent gifts!! Your ideas are inspirational and I loved each one of them!!

My favorite gift is for my in-laws and it is a subscription to my newspaper and they will receive it in the mail. I know doesn't sound like the best but my husband just joined a practice and he is always in the paper along with the kids and such. They are moving 30 min. away and now will know all the exciting events in our town!! We are hoping for LOTS of visits!

Have a great New Year!


Jan Scholl

we dont give gifts at Christmas anymore. We donate the cash to charity instead. We just dont need or want anything (lucky we are) our kids are on their own and still need nothing either.

Back to watching a Christmas Story.


This is hard to narrow down because deciding WHAT to give is the most difficult. I like to WOW people on my list. I am pretty excited about the satelite radio I am giving my husband (shh he doesn't know yet).
For the parents of the little ones in my daycare I framed B & W photos ( 3 of them) with the kids holding the letters J O Y. I saw this hanging on the wall at Heathers' and thought this would be great. The Mom's were thrilled not to mention a little teary eyed. I had great subjects to photograph!
I owe it all to you Heather - Thanks for your

Michele B

Have loved all the Advent ideas in the past couple of weeks. The best gift that I am giving (well, ok my boys are giving) is to my hubby/daddy. He has been wanting a digital picture frame for quite sometime now, so that he can always have updated pictures of the boys. So I spent the time to load an SD card with photos of the boys, the two of us and family photos. This way when he turns it on the first time the slide show will be of his family. Love it, love it and so glad we got it for him.

Blessings to you and your crew...enjoy Nathan's 1st Christmas.

Ally Warner

I'm giving my mother a bunch of new clothes because she has lost so much weight and doesn't have anything that fits. I'm really excited to see her face when she opens all the gifts!

Michelle Nadraszky

I think the best give that we are giving this year is to my Son - a WII! (well it's really from Santa!) The kid's are going to be so excited!

Merry Christmas!



The favourite gift I made was a photo clock for my mother in law. 12 spots for photos and 13 grandchildren. Aaron had a wonderful suggestion. He wanted me to use a photo of himself and his cousin James who was born the same year so that the others would all have their own square.
The tag reads
To Granny
From all your grandchildren
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas Heather...I absolutely love the idea of the name frame. Very Nice.

A great family photo of yours as well.

This year for Christmas the gift I am giving , is for my mom....I got her Tickets to see Dirty Dancing on stage. I remember when I was younger and this movie came out, my mom and I went to see it in the movie theatre. It is one of my all time favorite movies, now 20 years later my mom and I will be going to see this movie again only this time a Musical at the Theatre. Can't wait.

Dawn Easton

Oh what a wonderful picture of you all! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon together!!

This year I gave out cookies that Chloe and I made. We made the boxes too! It's always nice to give something homemade!

Merry Christmas to you all!


Well... one thing I am giving or just gave... I got a dollar store paint tin in red, and decorated it in the S/U Christmas designer paper, added ribbon, tags and a snowman and is it ever cute!!! I almost did not give it away- I filled it with angels for my very good friends angel tree- She loved it!!!

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