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April 28, 2011


Peg Ireland

I loved your ribbon shelving so when I was in AZ I went to the IKEA store and bought me 3 black ones---My husband just got them up tonight! They are so great!!! Thank you for the great idea!

April Walters

Love the storage idea!! Thanks for sharing. I am also trying to redo my stamp room and this is a great idea. Off to order some of those :)

Michelle VanWiggeren

What a wonderful ribbon storage solution! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of your stamping space. Beautiful MDS page, too! Thanks for sharing.

Theresa McK

LOVE the MDS Page Heather! WOW they all showed up in Purple? How Cool is that? LOVE the page and your family is beautiful! AND WOW on your ribbon storage! How colorful that's gonna be to look at... At least I don't feel to bad as to how much ribbon I own... Although I believe I have more than you! hahahaha never enough storage for ribbon... Love the way it looks.... Pretty! I love the color Baja Breeze so I will copy your idea for painting my scrproom that color... I hope you don't mind... But I'm a blue freak! LOL :o)

Tammy Bendel

I am excited to use this shelf idea for my ribbon, I have been trying to come up with something because I too do not enjoy taking my ribbon off and replacing it on the dowels.
My desk is from Ikea and I love it, it has a glass top that covers a shelf so that I can slide some of my most used tools, Catalogues and started projects in it. I like that I can see through it to find things quickly. If they still have it available, you can even pick the styles of legs you would like.


Katie Doggart

Love the ribbon storage...may have to get one or two for myself.

As for a desktop, if you don't want to make the trip to IKEA, you could always check out JYSK. They have similar items, normally a little cheaper too.


Oh my gosh...I loooove the ribbon storage! Mine are on a curtain rod right now... but yes! a pain once one is empty! and I like them in order...but have to unstring the whole lot to put a new one in the right sequence :(

I picked up some ikea storage for my desk last month... it's those bars that you can hang buckets or wire baskets from...suppose to be for spice racks...but... not in this house!
My walls are really close to taken with teal :) and I was going to go with pumpkin pie buckets are pink passion! :P


Ok first of all how gorgeous is your family!!! What a beautiful Easter picture!! And Chubbs is far too smashable in that vest and tie!!

Now on to the craft room!!!! Love all the ribbon, doesn't it make your heart beat just a little bit faster!! Love it!! Can't wait to see it in person :)


If you are looking for a sit down desk and have the space; I use a door,{a interior door left over from renovations} held up with 2 drawer filing cabinets on each end. The cabinets are great for storage and the door gives you a large surface.

Dawn Bourgette

I LOVE the idea of the ribbon on those shelves. What an awesome idea!! Thank you for sharing that! I just wish I lived closer than 200 miles from an Ikea.. Id be there a LOT. I love that place!!! Happy Thursday!

Lorri Vallese

Love your ribbon display. If I had a room separate from my formal living room I would do that but mine is in drawers. When I open the drawers and see the lovely colors all lined up I get all warm and fuzzy. LOL. My table is our first kitchen table. It is sturdy (I still like to pound my holes and eyelets) and always covered with stuff. Good luck with finding your desk top.


I love the ribbon shelves they look beautiful! I'm sure staples or grand & toy have options for desktops but Ikea is probably your best bet as they have a better choice, someone suggested butcher block and I know Ikea sells them. Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished product :)

Linda H

forgot to mention - the countertop hangs over each side of the dresser so you could put a chair under it and use the overhang part as a sit down desk.

Linda H

I'm getting some ideas for MY room now :) I think I'm going to have to get to IKEA. I don't know if you're looking for a sit down desk or a stand up one. In my stained glass area, I have an old dresser that has 3 drawers and is about 3 feet high (maybe higher - comes to my waist). I found a length of countertop at Home Depot in the clearance aisle - it was cheap - and put it on top of the dresser. Voila. Work surface with drawers underneath :)


I love it Heather! You must be so happy!!!

Beautiful family!

Karen H

Love the ribbon storags. Do you remember what brand those Ikea shelves are?

Andrea Walford's sister Sophia uses a butcher block as her table top. Not sure where you can purchase those though. Here are some photos...

Even though she had the shelving underneath custom made, I have seen people use the Expedit units back to back as their "underneath".

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